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Wesak Festival in Kurama

Wesak Festival is hosted by Kurama Temple, Kyoto Japan.



2021 May 26th will not be Opened

The Wesak Festival, 2021 was scheduled tobe held on 26th May (Wed) from 19:00 at Kurama Temple.  

[Important Notice to All Participants:]

Wesak Festival this year will not be held on open, due to corona virus, therefore please play at your home.


Wesak is that time at the Full Moon of May in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the forces of Shambhalla.

The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity.



    Wesak Festival in Mt. Kurama

Under the full moon of May a pathway opens between the heavens and
the Earth with powerful energy pouring through it.

Ordinnarily, worldly throughs cloud the spirit. On this night, let us purify the
heart and cleanse the body, and unify them with a pure spirit as we go up to
the mountain.

Wesak Festival in Mt. Kurama contains following three events. 

  1. First Part Purification (KIYOME) 19:00

  2. Second Part Encouragement (HAGEMI) 22:00

  3. Third Part Awaking (MEZAME) 3:00 (next morning)

In the Wesak Festival, we let shine all the love and light and strength that
lie hidden in our hearts as we pray for the awakening of all beings.

Wesak Festival is the secret event hosted by Kurama Temple.


Wesak Festival in 2007, 13th of May, Entrarance of Kurama Temple.

Wesak Festival

  The night of Full Moon in May

Many people gether on this night to dedicate an offering of pure water to the moon and let the light of our own souls shine as we partake of that mysteriously streaming energy, and to pray fervently for the our spiritual awakening and that of all other beings.

Wesak Festival 2007, it was little rain, and cold night, therefore people were in lobby of Kurama Temple and no-one in the garden.

This is the Wesak Festival, a ceremony of light, water and sacred sound.

The festival is divided in three parts.

The first part begins with prayer of
Purification (Kiyome) in which the assembled group chants praise for the deity Mao-son as means of cleansing ourselves and festival site.

When the moon approaches its zenith, `spirit lamps` are lit to symbolize the immaculately pure spirit that we all possess.

As the place comes aglow with illuminated lamps, a golden bowl if filled with pure water and prayers are offered to the moon.

Then the lamps are held aloft to bestow the eternally strong power of the soul, `trasure staff of strength` is received through an incantation, and everybody, bathed in moonliight partakes of the holy water and accepts the blessing pure love into their hearts.

The second part is a silent meditation of earnest
Encouragement (Hagemi), with our heads bowed toward the earth.

In the third part, shortly before dawn, a sacred fire thrusts up into the sky, symbolizing the deep
Awakening (Mezame) to an authentic life which shines with the light of wisdom.

Finally everyone joins in chanting a `letter of the spirit` to welcome the dawn of the newly illuminated soul.

Wesak Festival


Purification (Kiyome)

The first ceremony began with a prayer of purification in which everyone chanted praise for the Mao son, this dedicated chanting according to the abbot, is a means of cleansing those present and the festival site. What makes this celebration of Wesak unique is the emphasis on Mao son, a regional deity as a pathway to Buddha.

'The lamps are held aloft to bestow the eternally strong power of the soul, the treasure staff of strength is received through and incantation'.

'Everyone, bathed in moonlight, partakes of the holy water and accepts the blessing of pure love into our hearts.'

Encouragement (Hagemi)

At 9:50 the last cable car rumbled off into the distance, a deeper focus/ greater absorption became evident in the second part of the program.

After wards the Japanese Monks lead a

'Silent meditation of earnest encouragement with heads bowed'

Awakening (Mezame) 

'Symbolizing the deep awakening (mezane) to an authentic life which shines with the light of wisdom.'



The small fire, all the people holds in their hand and pray. (\700)


Mt. Kurama  Sanat Kumara Wesak Festival







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